Your Instructors

Najwa Al-Amin
Najwa Al-AminInstructor, RYT-200
BHY&W 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2018

Inspired by nature, Najwa is a teacher and artist who embraces yoga as a way of life on and off the mat. Since beginning her practice in 2006, Najwa finds that yoga is simply fun. A class – taking one or leading one – makes everything feel better.

Najwa teaches restorative yoga and BHYW. When she isn’t teaching, she enjoys preparing simple, healthy, colorful foods.

“Yoga has helped me find my inner peace, helped me find my physical balance, and accept life.”

Jennifer F. Anders, MD
Jennifer F. Anders, MDInstructor, RYT-200, ACE GFI
BHYW 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2018
Inferno Hot Pilates Level 1 and 2, 2017
Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark, 2019

Jen found her home at BHYW when she returned to yoga after recovery from surgery. She fell in love with the hot core & cardio classes first, and signed up for teacher training six months later. After teaching for a short time, she signed up for the 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Now you’ll find Jen here most days of the week taking or teaching classes. Jen loves crafting fun playlists and cheesy jokes to make the hour of core & cardio fly by just as much as she loves creating a smooth and relaxing yin yoga sequence for calming and medication.

Jen teaches hot core & cardio HIIT and yin, and is a lead instructor in the hot core & cardio training at BHYW.

Robert A. Anders, MD, PhD,
Robert A. Anders, MD, PhD, Instructor, RYT-200, ACE GFI
BHYW 200 Hour Teacher Training, 2018

A medical doctor and researcher in the field of gastrointestinal diseases, Bob became interested in yoga after a trainee quipped that the senior doctors “all have neck and back issues because they don’t do yoga.” Having seen the effects of a long career using a microscope, Bob set out to give yoga a try.

Bob was drawn to vinyasa yoga because of the flowing movements that reminded him of his high school gymnastics practice. Four years and many classes later, he began teacher training at BHYW. Bob enjoys the satisfaction of teaching and guiding people to achieve better alignment and maybe – just maybe – enlightenment one day. Although spine health was what initially drew him to the practice, he came to realize the mental benefits of bringing yoga principles off the mat and into daily life.

“I believe the practice of medicine would benefit from more focus on mind and body, rather than just body. As a yoga ambassador to the world (or those who ask me about yoga) my message is: if you want to improve your health, you can’t just focus on your body. This is a principle of yoga.”

Bob teaches vinyasa and hot vinyasa. His favorite organ is the liver.

Yvonne Comey
Yvonne ComeyInstructor, RYT-200
BHY&W 200 Hour Teacher Training, 2018
Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, 2004

A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Yvonne first took yoga classes at her gym. Intrigued by the heat and regimen of the Bikram Method practice, Yvonne knew after one class that she had found the right challenge for her. Like many of her students, she entered the classroom with the intention of working out to burn calories and build strength and flexibility, and was surprised by the mental clarity and empowerment that she gained through this type of yoga.

Yvonne believes in the great satisfaction that comes with hard work, and enjoys motivating students to experience the sense of accomplishment, empowerment, and overall wellbeing that comes from maintaining a challenging practice.

Yvonne teaches 26&2, yin, and hot core and cardio HIIT at BHY&W.

Maria Cordon
Maria CordonInstructor
Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, 2010

Referred to yoga by her acupuncturist during a time of uncertainty and change, Maria took her first class with Debbie in 2006. She fell in love with the practice after the first class and for the next few years practiced consistently, regularly completing challenges while finding real peace in the hot room.

After college, Maria attended Bikram’s teacher training, and for the past five years has traveled and taught in Peru, Chile, Thailand, and Malaysia, as well as in the Baltimore / Washington area.

Maria credits the yoga with bringing clarity and focus to her life, and connecting her with a worldwide community of yoga practitioners. She believes in yoga as a lifestyle that contributes to total health – mind, body, spirit – and loves sharing her passion for the practice with her students.

Maria teaches 26&2 and hot core & cardio HIIT at BHYW.

Freddi Flax
Freddi FlaxInstructor, RYT-200
BHYW 200 Hour Training, 2018
Level II Reiki
Yin Yoga with Josh Summers

After a 30 year career in social work and long-term care, Freddi retired to Baltimore and began taking yoga classes. She’d taught aerobics and maintained a regular exercise program throughout her life, but found that the mental and physical benefits of yoga satisfied both body and soul in a new and profound way. She considers yoga the key to staying young.

Freddi completed the RYT 200 Hour training in 2018 and began teaching yin yoga. She refers to this as “Act 2, The Next Phase”. She hopes to motivate and encourage others to practice yoga as a means to maintain lifelong health and fitness. Freddi is a Maryland Master Naturalist and an avid birder: she uses nature themes and an occasional awful pun to create fun and challenging classes.

Freddi teaches yin yoga.

Lauren Flax
Lauren FlaxInstructor, E-RYT-500, YACEP, ACE GFI
Lead Instructor, BHYW 200 Hour & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings
Charm City Yoga 500 Hour Training, 2008-2010
Certified Hypnotist
Level II Reiki

Lauren’s yoga practice started slowly. Curiosity in college took her to her first yoga class, but it was nearly fifteen years before she developed a regular practice. Curiosity again inspired her to undertake a teacher training at a flow studio in order to learn more about the practice.

That same curiosity led her to a Bikram class after completing her teacher training, just to see what the fuss was about! Although skeptical of the claims of the Bikram Method, she was surprised to find that the straightforward physicality of the practice quickly and powerfully manifested changes in her body, mind, and overall health.

Lauren teaches yoga nidra, restorative yoga, slow flow, hot vinyasa, the 26&2 series, hatha yoga and meditation, and barre HIIT at Baltimore Hot Yoga and Wellness. Alongside Debbie, Lauren co-leads the BHYW 200 hour and 300 hour teacher training programs, and is a contributor the hot core & cardio HIIT training program.

Niamh McCormally
Niamh McCormallyInstructor, RYT-200
Sterling Hot Yoga Works, 2015
Akasha Yoga Yin Certificate, 2016

After twelve years of faithful yoga practice, Niamh set off for teacher training in 2015 with Sterling Hot Yoga Works. Inspired by the therapeutic aspects of the practice, Niamh deepened her practice and training with further certification in yin yoga by Akasha Yoga. Niamh loves to share the healing benefits of yoga that she’s received!

Niamh teaches 26&2 and hot core & cardio HIIT at BHYW.

Randie Miller
Randie MillerInstructor, RYT-200, ACE GFI
BHYW 200 Hour Teacher Training, 2018
Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training, 2017

Certified Nutritional Advisor

Randie took her first yoga class in 2001 and loved it. She spent the next classes she attended giggling in the back with a friend, not realizing that this isn’t how most people do yoga!

After a break from yoga, during which she tried lots of other physical exercises, she found BHYW through Groupon. After those first ten classes in 2013, she noticed that she was feeling different and looking forward to every practice.

When Inferno Hot Pilates (now Hot Core & Cardio HIIT) came along in November 2016, Randie was immediately hooked. Finally, a class where she could laugh, giggle, and be loud! She knew after the second class that she would one day teach. And, after teaching Hot Core & Cardio HIIT, she embarked on the 200 hour yoga teaching training and BHY&W as well.

Randie teaches hot core & cardio HIIT and restorative yoga at BHYW.

“I would not be the person I am right now if not for this amazing studio and staff.”

Joanna Nealey
Joanna NealeyInstructor
Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training, 2016

Joanna came to her first Bikram Yoga class in 2011 with complaints of severe back pain from participating in high impact sports. After finding relief through hot yoga, she found hot pilates. Hot pilates (now core & cardio HIIT) blended her love of the hot room and her love of cross training during her days as a rower/coxswain, all without the stress of high impact injuries.

Joanna inspires students to love the challenge, accept what their bodies are capable of today, and look forward to stronger days to come!

Levi Planter
Levi PlanterInstructor
200 Hour Teacher Training, 2008
AAAI/ISMA Certification, 2016

Levi began practicing yoga as a way to relieve stress and focus on being more mindful. His journey – exploring the body’s capabilities, opportunities, and wisdom – has brought joy, love, and insight to his personal life and to the lives of others. Levi encourages you to be creative on your mat and create your own practice one pose at a time.

In addition to his teacher trainings and certifications, Levi also trained with Ricky Tran (TX).

Levi teaches hot vinyasa and hot core & cardio HIIT at BHYW.

Cyndi Sizemore
Cyndi SizemoreInstructor, RYT-200, ACE GFI
Absolute Yoga Academy, 2016

After 30 years as a critical care nurse, Cyndi decided to turn her love of yoga into a career. When she first began her practice in 2013, every class was a challenge. Soon, those challenges turned into a healthy practice. Now, she is honored to share her joy and love of yoga with the community.

Cyndi teaches 26&2 and barre HIIT at BHYW.

“I find that everyone gets something different from practicing yoga. I promise you that it will change your life if you let it!”

Christine Trzcinski
Christine TrzcinskiInstructor, RYT-200
BHYW 200 Hour Teacher Training, 2018

Christine started practicing hot yoga in 2008 to warm up and stretch after winter marathon training runs. She was a dancer for 18 years, and the yoga postures built upon this foundation of kinesthetic awareness. Christine enjoys the way that yoga offers a more internal, meditative exploration of the body and mind, and she hopes to share both the physical and mental benefits of yoga with others.

Christine has practiced yoga throughout the United States and in various countries, including Costa Rica, Mexico, and Iceland, but her favorite place to practice (other than BHYW) is at home with her cat, Moby.

Christine teaches yin, vinyasa, and fusion at BHYW.

Gladys Yumet, Ph.D.
Gladys Yumet, Ph.D.Instructor, E-RYT-200
Sterling Hot Yoga Works, 2016
Yin Yoga Certification with Bernie Clark, 2019
Buti Yoga training, 2018
Soul Body Barre, 2017

Gladys took her first Bikram yoga class in August 2011 as a favor for a friend from ballet class who was raving about it. Passionate about ballet for many years, Gladys experimented with different styles of yoga as a compliment, but didn’t find a practice she loved.

After a few classes of Bikram hot yoga, that changed. Over three years, she built a consistent practice. With a greater interest in learning all aspects of yoga, she explored yoga anatomy classes and posture clinics. Then, with the encouragement of her teacher and mentor, she decided to attend the Sterling Hot Yoga Works Teacher Training during summer 2016.

Gladys teaches 26&2, yin, and barre HIIT at BHYW.

“This practice has giving me the opportunity to see the changes in my total health, mind and body. I am never bored with yoga and I feel stronger, flexible, and at peace with myself. I love sharing the passion for this challenging practice and when I see the students working hard and reaching their goals, I feel inspired in continuing to help them achieve their balance in life.”