Your Instructors

Krystyna Stonebreaker
Krystyna StonebreakerYoga Advisor / Instructor
Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, 2014
B.S. Exercise Science, Towson University

What started as “just something to do” during a summer home from college has become a way of life for Krystyna. She quickly developed a regular practice after her first class, and was surprised to find that Bikram Method yoga provided just the healing she needed for a knee injury, multiple surgeries, and a body worn down by intensive athletic training.

As a teacher, Krystyna is inspired by seeing the progress students can have very quickly in the practice, particularly the “a-ha” moments in the body suddenly changes.

Yvonne Comey
Yvonne ComeyInstructor
Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, 2004

A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Yvonne first took yoga classes at her gym. Intrigued by the heat and regimen of the Bikram Method practice, Yvonne knew after one class that she had found the right challenge for her. Like many of her students, she entered the classroom with the intention of working out to burn calories and build strength and flexibility, and was surprised by the mental clarity and empowerment that she gained through this type of yoga.

Yvonne believes in the great satisfaction that comes with hard work, and enjoys motivating students to experience the sense of accomplishment, empowerment, and overall wellbeing that comes from maintaining a challenging practice.

Maria Cordon
Maria CordonInstructor
Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, 2010

Referred to yoga by her acupuncturist during a time of uncertainty and change, Maria took her first class with Debbie in 2006. She fell in love with the practice after the first class and for the next few years practiced consistently, regularly completing challenges while finding real peace in the hot room.

After college, Maria attended Bikram’s teacher training, and for the past five years has traveled and taught in Peru, Chile, Thailand, and Malaysia, as well as in the Baltimore / Washington area.

Maria credits the yoga with bringing clarity and focus to her life, and connecting her with a worldwide community of yoga practitioners. She believes in yoga as a lifestyle that contributes to total health – mind, body, spirit – and loves sharing her passion for the practice with her students.

Lauren Flax
Lauren FlaxInstructor, RYT 500, E-RYT 200
Charm City Yoga 500 Hour Training, 2009-2010

Lauren’s yoga practice started slowly – curiosity in college took her to her first yoga class, but it was nearly fifteen years before she developed a regular practice. Curiosity again inspired her to undertake a teacher training at a flow studio in order to learn more about the practice.

That same curiosity led her to a Bikram class after completing her teacher training, just to see what the fuss was about! Although skeptical of the claims of the Bikram Method, she was surprised to find that the straightforward physicality of the practice quickly and powerfully manifested changes in her body, mind, and overall health.

Lauren teaches Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga at Baltimore Hot Yoga and Wellness.

Ignacio Filippini
Ignacio FilippiniInstructor
Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, 2010
Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga Seminar, 2011
Diane Ducharme Posture Clinic, 2010, 2011, 2013

Ignacio went to his first class in New York City in 2003 to help lose weight and quit smoking. He immediately began attending class every day, and before he knew it, his body had changed and the studio had become his home and his community.

Since attending Bikram’s teacher training in 2010, Ignacio has trained with some of the practice’s preeminent teachers to learn how best to approach the series for students of every age and ability. Ignacio is inspired by working with students of varying abilities and finding ways for the yoga to best serve the student. Ignacio believes the best source of development as a yoga teacher is teaching, and that teachers learn as much from students as students do from teachers.

Steven Inghram
Steven InghramInstructor, RYT-200
Seva Power Yoga, 2012

Daily anxiety and panic attacks in his senior year of college led Steven to seek a better way of living. He began practicing yoga and meditation, and dedicated himself to learning yoga philosophy through the ancient texts. In 2012, he completed his 200 hour teacher training in the Baptiste style at Seva Power Yoga in West Chester, PA.

Concurrent with his yoga studies and teaching, Steven studied Vipassana Meditation while on residential meditation retreats throughout the United States. He is currently enrolled in the Masters of Yoga Therapy program at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, and will receive his degree as well his credentials to be an e-RYT 500 in 2016.

Steven teaches weekly yoga and meditation classes in Philadelphia, PA, and is a regular guest teacher at Baltimore Hot Yoga and Wellness.

Lauren Kaye
Lauren KayeInstructor
Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, 2011

Lauren came to yoga in 2010 to improve her overall health and lose weight. Not only did yoga help her meet these goals, but she also discovered a practice that she loved and felt passionate about, and gained a feeling of control of her life. A year later she attended teacher training, and is inspired by the opportunity to help others attain health and wellbeing.

Luis Roman
Luis RomanInstructor, RYT-200
Sterling Hot Yoga Works 200 Hour Teacher Training, 2015

After just a few weeks of practicing, Luis noticed tremendous improvements in his life: physical, spiritual and mental. He realized quickly that his yoga practice was going to be a life-long journey. Luis dedicated himself to offering the gift and healing benefits of yoga, and attended the Sterling Hot Yoga Teachers Training in Mexico in 2015. He is inspired by sharing his passion for yoga, health, and well-being with others.

Jess Wedell
Jess WedellInstructor, RYT-200
Sterling Hot Yoga Works 200 Hour Teacher Training, 2015

An athlete and dancer, Jessie found Bikram Yoga in 2012 during a difficult time. A trauma had taken its toll on her mental and physical health. She found relief in the physical practice, but struggled to stay focused until she experienced the benefits of practicing several times a week.

With a consistent practice, she not only gained focus, but found a passion for yoga and a sense of peace. Over two years of practice, she healed the damage done to her body and mind, and committed to sharing that healing gift with others. She completed Sterling Hot Yoga Works Teacher Training in 2014, and continues to take every opportunity she can to expand her knowledge of the practice.