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Our blog is just getting started with community stories in Fall 2019! Keep checking back for more news and community stories.


Community Stories: Gavon P.

The quiet focus of the 26&2 helps Gavon harmonize the physical and mental demands of life as a graduate student and performer. Find out why this musician’s favorite class is… the one without music.

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Community Stories: Jen A.

The 26&2 clicked for Jen when she least expected it.

As a yoga teacher, Jen knew that coming to the practice without expectations could change the experience. The surprise was just how quickly things changed.

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Community Stories: Brian H.

Fewer doctors appointments, less medication, and an easier golf game keep Brian coming back to the hot room.

With those benefits, who wouldn’t?

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Community Stories: Tonja M.

Tonja is the queen of balance: she's a a mother of four, a student in a nurse refresher program, a regular 26&2 practitioner, and a BHYW teacher training alum. She came to hot yoga seven years ago to stretch tight muscles, at the advice of a personal trainer. The results were.. magic!

Find out how the 26&2 helps Tonja stay balanced and meet life’s challenges.

Community Stories: Mary S.

If you’ve spent some time at BHYW, you’ve probably been in class with Mary. Since 2014, she’s been a regular in the hot room for 26&2 and Core & Cardio.

You might be surprised to learn that Mary’s first 26&2 was… horrible!

Find out what kept her coming back, and why the practice has made a difference in her life.

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