Enhanced Safety and Sanitation Protocols During COVID-19

BHYW is reopening to members and class card holders on Saturday, June 13th 2020.

For now, classes will be available to members and class card holders ONLY, and require advance signup online.

With the restriction on non-essential businesses lifting, we are able to open our doors as a boutique fitness business at 50% capacity, with enhanced safety and physical distancing procedures.

Class Size and Sign-Ups

  • To assure the safety of all teachers and students, the studio will not be allowing any drop-in classes at this time. Classes are available to members and class card holders only. Class cards can be purchased online.
  • You must pre-register online for class. (If you’ve never registered online, information is below.)
  • If you sign up show up! We do not want to have to resort to charging cancellation fees for no shows.
  • If your membership is currently on hold or you canceled due to the pandemic, please contact Debbie to reactivate your membership prior to signing up for classes.
  • Class size is limited to 20 in the hot room and 10 in the blue room.
  • The schedule will be slightly amended for the first few weeks as we adapt to new policies and procedures.
  • All students must arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of each class for a temperature check and screening.

Safety Protocols In The Yoga Rooms

  • The hot room temperature will be slightly lower than normal with lower humidity to accommodate members who practice with masks.
  • All teachers will be required to wear masks while teaching.
  • There will be no hands on assists or adjusts.
  • Studio floors will be marked with tape to direct mat placement that maintains appropriate social distancing protocols.
  • We are discontinuing warm and cool towel service at the end of class until further notice.
  • Since most of our blue room students are regulars, they will be assigned their own props for use that will be stored at the studio in their name.
  • Before and after class, please utilize the mat spray in the locker rooms on your mat. This mat spray is the same botanical formula that we use to clean our props and rental mats.
  • All students are welcome to bring their own props if they prefer to do so.

Health Monitoring and Contact Tracing

Please expect to be closely monitored, for the health and safety of our community. We will be taking temperatures, keeping strict attendance records for contact tracing, and asking everyone to fill out a health questionnaire prior to each class.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

In an effort to assure this safe space for you and your friends, we have enhanced our already thorough cleaning protocols.

  • We clean our hot room props after each class using botanical cleaners that are proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. This cleanser has been approve by the CDC and is sold under the name Bioesque.
  • Our blue room props (specifically blocks, balls, and barres) are cleaned using the same disinfectant after each use. We have always provided covers for our bolsters that are laundered after each use. In addition, all of our bolsters, sandbags, eye pillows, and blankets are treated with Lysol disinfectant spray after each use.
  • Before and after class, please utilize the mat spray in the locker rooms on your mat. This mat spray is the same botanical formula that we use to clean our props and rental mats.
  • All of the towels that we rent are laundered with bleach and detergent.
  • Warm and cool towel service at the end of class is discontinued until further notice.
  • All of the studio surfaces and door handles are wiped down with the botanical disinfectant after each class. The hot room floor will be treated after each class.
  • We have a great HEPA air filtration system, which was recently upgraded and enhanced with an added UV light filtration system in both studios and in the common area.

We have worked very hard to provide you with the cleanest and safest yoga environment in Baltimore County for the past eight years, and ask that you do your part for our community, too: wash your hands frequently, using sanitizing wipes if needed, cover your cough/sneeze, and if you are feeling unwell, please stay home and rest.

If you have never signed up online for classes:

  • Go to the schedule page and log in by clicking “sign up” next to the class you want to attend. Note: if the “sign up” button does not appear, the class is either full, or the start time has passed.
  • Use the email address you provided when you first created your profile, or gave to us when you came in for class the first time.
  • If you have never logged in or forgot your password, click on the “forgot password” link on the login screen to reset your password.
  • A link to reset your password will be sent to your email.
  • Your login and password will work for online scheduling via the website, and the iOS and Android apps.
  • If you are not able to log into your account, please email us using the contact form here and we will reset your account as quickly as we can.