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Fewer doctors appointments, less medication, and an easier golf game keep Brian coming back to the hot room. With those benefits, who wouldn’t?

Name: Brian Holderness
BHYW regular since: 2018
Practice Schedule: Daily (almost), alternating 26&2 and Core & Cardio HIIT

Brian says: “Stick with it!”

How did you come to the 26&2?

I was looking for a place with a sauna where I could work out, because I kept reading about heat being good for ligaments, tendons, and joints, which I have issues with. At the same time, my daughter-in-law started a groupon here. So, my wife and I tried it. She lasted three classes, and I’m still with it a year and a half later!

How was your first class?

So many classes ago… I just remember struggling, not knowing what I was doing or anything. And not being able to do things. Now at least I know what to do, even if I’m only able to do some of it.

What kept you coming back?

I felt it was good for my body, my joints. So, I got into that habit and stuck with it – a daily routine, almost daily.

Did you have a daily routine of exercise and fitness before coming to BHYW?

Yes, I used to play racquetball with my sons, up until I got rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor said no more of that; it’s too hard on the joints. And I have been swimming for the past ten years, five or six times per week in the morning.

Has the yoga made a difference with swimming?

Yes. I breathe easier. I can keep my head under water longer. My capacity improved, just from doing the yoga. I got a little faster and I feel a little fishier in the water. I used to feel like a plow.

How have things changed with your joints and arthritis since your first class?

My doctor said the right knee will need to be replaced… five years ago. That was the first joint that the RA attacked. But I don’t see the need to: I’m 95% with the knee. I can’t quite flex it as much as I’d like, but I can walk, I can swim, I can do yoga.

The swelling has decreased and [the knee] is functional for everyday use. And I can do more with my wrists.

I was seeing the doctor every three months. The last visit I had with him, he did all of his checks. He was impressed. He cut back the bloodwork to every three months and the appointments to every six months.

He said I’m doing well. I don’t know what HE attributes it to, but I’m going to do what I’m doing and keep at it.

Are there other changes you’ve noticed?

Whenever I would golf or trim hedges, I would have stiffness and soreness afterward. I would have to take Advil. That has completely gone away. I can golf, do yard work… I feel great. I haven’t changed anything in my life other than hot yoga.

How do Core & Cardio HIIT and 26&2 classes work together for you?

I started Core & Cardio HIIT four or five months ago, doing 2-3 classes per week. I do that class for the intensity of the workout. I miss that about racquetball – it fills that void.

Favorite posture?

Obviously one that I can do! What’s becoming my favorite posture but I can’t quite do it yet – when you bend backwards and grab your ankles [camel pose]. That’s one I’ll be able to do in three or four months. When I started, as soon as I went back I got dizzy, had breathing problems, and all that. I’m getting there!

I enjoy a few of the spine strengthening ones, too. I feel like you’re doing something you don’t do during the day, ever.

Least favorite posture?

Which balancing posture? The most frustrating one is standing on one leg and raising your knee. [standing head to knee.] I can do it on one leg a little bit, but I can’t do any of the other stuff in the posture and I think I SHOULD be able to. That’s frustrating.

But I look around the room and I’m counting. Only four people are doing that one! That’s one where not everyone can do the full posture.

If you could tell people one thing about the 26&2, what would it be?

Stick with it. It can be frustrating the first time. I think it’s got so many benefits, at least for my body, so I’m sure it’s helping healthier people as well. I wish when I was younger I was doing something like this. It could have done nothing but helped in all my endeavors.